Re-defining airship music

Led Zeppelin in the 70's was like the airships of the 30's: genius, bombastic, mindblowing and in the end just a little bit too big – so it fell off the air and crashed. Dick Zeppelin took the rubble, attached some 50's Cadillac parts to it and made it lighter.

Now a new airship is flying, but this one doesn’t follow the north wind to Valhala nor is it battered by the hammer of the gods. This Zeppelin is heading down south and it is driven by a Nashville voice and a guitar that takes the all-familiar riffs back to the Memphis sound – in fact from whence they originated.

It’s old, but it’s new. It is the marriage of two of the most remarkable styles in the history of Rock’n Roll. This is a sound you haven’t heard before! We call it Zeppabilly and it is played by only one band in the world:
Dick Zeppelin ...

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